About Sonic Branding

RMG believe brands need to attach as much importance to how they sound as to how they look, not just to survive….. but to thrive! Our core offering is to apply the same degree of rigour and analysis to how advertisers use sound, as to how they use vision. In general, advertisers do not possess or have access to the core knowledge necessary to make rational and informed decisions about the role of sound in their marketing strategy. The reason for this lacuna is that while most of us have been educated to dissect and analyse visual communication, we take communication in sound largely for granted, and are simply not used to analysing it. However the great majority of emotive information we receive, is carried in sound. This is crucial in marketing, as consumers base purchasing decisions on emotional as well as rational grounds. RMG’s mission is to support agencies and clients through the conception, production, and broadest application of their use of sound. We offer the highest production values and outstanding levels of creativity, coupled with a profound understanding of the overall role of sound in brand communication, developed over years of cutting-edge experience. We consult for radio groups, creative agencies, media agencies, branding agencies, record companies or directly with clients. We are happy to create, produce, advise or just simply chat to you about sonics. Sound is our passion…. and we want to hear from you!