Creative Radio Advertising diplomas launched:

Riviera Media Group (RMG) in conjunction with The London College of Music (LCM), announce the launch of the first diplomas specifically testing Creative Radio Advertising. The exams have been endorsed by the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) as an industry benchmark for creativity.
The four diploma levels target anyone who might be interested in exploring radio advertising, to top professionals already employed in this area.

The exams were created by RMG who are exclusive learning partners to the LCM. Learning content will be available via workshops, one-to-one training, online and by smartphone/tablet apps.

The examinations were successfully piloted at Capital Radio (Global Media) in March 2012, testing knowledge and ability in: Understanding
advertising, Creative
 writing, Sonic 
branding, Recording
location), Editing 
production, Voice 
management, Audio
 psychoacoustics, session
 management and Media 

The qualifications can currently be taken at numerous exam centres in almost 200 countries around the world.

Further radio examinations in “The Creative-led Sell” and “Sonic Branding” will be launched Q4 2012.

You can download the syllabus (pdf) here: CRA syllabus v1

For more information, contact us here.

Sonic Workshops: We have produced and delivered well over 1000 Sonic Presentations and 250 Sonic Workshops to a prestigious list of Advertising Agencies, Brand Marketeers and Media Executives throughout the world. Each have been bespoke, original and effective, playing a key part in several media industry award wins. This experience has led us to develop original training modules which have been used by Global Radio, Bauer Radio, the Guardian Media Group, Absolute Radio, UTV and the RAB in the UK. Our Sonics was also major element that won the Broadcast National Training Award 2010 and the Mediaweek sales team of the year for Global Radio. All our training focuses on the importance of sound in communication and is of specific benefit to people involved in presenting, pitching, prospecting, sales, media, broadcasting, branding, advertising and customer care but is of particularly benefit to those working in the radio industry.

Content: The basic content falls under these main headings;

The Power of Sound

• Understanding the 3 elements of sound and the particular strengths of – Voice, Music and Sound Effects

• How and why sound affects us the way it does and also its relationship with the other senses

• Sounds role in our evolution and the basics of psycho-acoustics

Sonic Branding

• How sound has been utilised in Advertising, Marketing and Branding

• Following sonic brandings historical development from traditional broadcast media through to the multi-platform digital world of today

Radio Creative

• Establish the unique environments of radio listening and understanding both the active nature of listening, and the passive nature or hearing

• Understanding the most successful ways of communicating on radio including station branding, promos, sponsorship, spot advertising, interactive and podcasting

• Define the strengths of Classical (Sonic Branding) vs Conceptual creative strategy for radio

• Influence and Sonic Marketing – understanding how the psychology of persuasion is applied in sound



We offer several different training formats for Sonics. We believe there is no better way of learning than by doing, so they are as interactive as possible and increase participants’ understanding in the most impactful way possible.

Sonics – The Basics

A session covering all the content listed above with a demonstration of a sound only client pitch and then an in-depth review of the structure used and how it could be adapted to different clients

 Sonic 121 Coaching Sessions

Sonic Presentation Coaching – Training to deliver a sonic pitch as showcased in Sonics – The Basics then 121 coaching is usually needed via a series of development steps resulting in a bespoke sonic pitch for that particular team or individual (can be run remotely)

Sonic Production Coaching – Training to deliver the sonic content showcased in Sonics – The Basics

Sonic Workshop

A session where a radio station can invite advertisers or potential advertisers to a Sonic presentation that is bespoke to there requirements, it can include allowing the participant to write, voice and produce their own radio campaign

Previous Feedback

“A great day…well structured with real energy and enthusiasm.  I came away understanding a lot more about radio and what it can do.”Giles Jepson, Marketing Manager, Colgate-Palmolive

“A really good, fun, relevant and informative afternoon.”Nik Wilkinson, Media Manager, BirdsEye Walls

“A super day which opened my ears to radio.”Lesley Varlinder, Marketing Manager, Axa Ltd

“I have heard of your presentation approach before but never seen it until the Unilever day.  Congratulations! I was enormously impressed.”

Douglas McArthur, RAB

 “In a world that sometimes forgets to have fun in the work place, the injection of humour and passion for sound delivered through the ‘Sonic Workshop’ this morning was inspirational.  Already the feedback from within the office has been infectiously enthusiastic.”

David Crawley, Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland